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DNSSEC Support Announcement

We are excited to announce that net-me.net is now one of the first dynamic DNS providers to support DNSSEC !

From now on, all net-me.net accounts are DNSSEC-ready. For new and existing users of .net-me.net subdomains, no action required - DNSSEC is just there. Domain owners may secure their domains with DNSSEC in one simple step. We handle all the complexity behind the scenes.

With net-me.net, domain can be secured with DNSSEC in a minute, and it requires absolutely no background knowledge - it "just works".


Original DNS protocol is not secure - it is possible for an attacker to substitute fake DNS records, and thus redirect users to a different website. Technologies like SSL remedy the situation, but have their own inherent weaknesses. Thus long ago, a strong need for a secure DNS infrastructure has emerged. It took about 10 years to develop a standard which would bring security to this core internet protocol.

Worldwide DNSSEC deployment started at 2010, .com was DNSSEC-ready in 2011, yet currently in mid-2012 less than 1% of domains are secure with DNSSEC.

One of the reasons for this slow deployment progress, is that DNSSEC is often perceived, even by IT professionals, as being of overwhelming complexity. Another reason, is lack of support among registrars and DNS service providers. Now it all changes.

It's now easier than ever to secure your domain with DNSSEC !

For technically-savvy readers, there's a separate article, providing technical details of our DNSSEC deployment.

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